AAAI 2023 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for User-Centric Assistance for at Home Task

AI over CPU image
Co-organized by Zhi Tan (GT), Sonia Chernova (GT), Jean Oh (CMU), Russell Perkins (UML), Paul Robinette (UML), Peter Schaldenbrand (CMU), Tanmay Shankar (CMU) and Diyi Yang (Stanford).

Recent advancements in AI and ML have enabled these technologies to enhance and improve our daily lives; however, these solutions are often based on simplified formulations and abstracted datasets that make them challenging to be applied in complex and personalized household domains. Furthermore, any household solution will require not only expertise across algorithmic AI but also experts in interaction, socio-technical issues, and problem space. Since the solutions touch on so many different fields, its research community is spread across different conferences. The workshop is designed to bring together interested AI experts who, while coming from different subfields, share the vision of using AI technologies to solve user problems at home.
Washington, DC
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