HRI 2023 Workshop on Semantic Scene Understanding for HRI

AI over CPU image
Co-organized by Maithili Patel (GT), Sonia Chernova (GT), Fethiye Irmak Dogan (KTH, AI-CARING visiting scholar), Zhen Zeng (J.P.Morgan AI Research), Kim Baraka(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).
Service robots will be co-located with human users in an unstructured human-centered environment and will benefit from understanding the user's daily activities, preferences, and needs towards fully assisting them. In doing so, objects in the user’s environment can provide useful context in understanding and grounding information regarding the user's instructions, preferences, habits, and needs. Semantics of objects and scenes have traditionally been investigated for robotics in the perception, navigation and manipulation domain, but recent works have shown its benefits in an HRI context towards understanding and assisting human users. This workshop aims to explore ways to learn and ground abstract semantics of the physical world towards assistive autonomy.
Stockholm, SE
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